Faith and Acceptance

Dear Nephew, Just hearing the diagnosis has been enough to send all of us who love you bouncing between the bottomless pit of swirling fear and despair and a stunned disbelief. When we settle into reality it doesn’t always feel better. In fact, each medical phone call and office visit can be an assault of […]

Death is always unexpected

“These are the times that try men’s souls. “* Dear Grandson, In all of your loss in the past months, this is the first that you might have expected.  Yet there is no real preparation for the death of someone we love.   We can understand that death comes to all of us.  We can watch approaching […]

A Path to Healing

This is a day of rejoicing in my life.  My friend is having her last chemo treatment as I write.  She has run the gauntlet: showing up for each appointment, putting out her arm and letting poison drain into her body.  She has restricted her diet as advised, taken all medicine when instructed, and kept […]


Losing my first sister shook the foundations of my beliefs.  My parents lived with great faith in God and organic food.   I was lulled by the myth that we could pray, eat right, exercise, etc. and no one would die.  Oh, maybe my parents would die sometime…   (In fact our five parents were in their […]