Graduation 2020 – Leap!

  Congratulations, my dear Grandson. I think often about our conversation in January when you expressed your feelings about your coming graduation. Comme ci, comme ça. You were glad to have everyone gathering in celebration, but the event itself dd not seem important to you. Interesting how life turns us around, things that seem not […]

Sixteen – Life is Sweet!

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” ― Mary Oliver I give you this quote and immediately tell you not to worry too much about what you will do. At sixteen, your opportunities are like a huge walk-in closet. When you are wondering what to wear, […]

Christmas Changes

Christmas changes every year. Some are barely recognizable as Christmas past. Somewhere along the way we became more interested in giving than getting. We are more captivated by the needs of strangers and less interested what our children and grandchildren might want – they don’t really need anything. And through the stories that filter back […]

My Little Part

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” Robert Swann I am going back into my own corner. I’m ignoring the news as much as possible. I’m not riling myself with the snippets on social media. Om! It’s not that I have less concern. It is that I […]

Women in Prison

The last few days I have had my annual wake up call. I saw several films and documentaries that touched my heart, triggered constructive thought and tweaked my conscience. Some felt familiar and some were a call to action. Mothering Inside (click here to see trailer) was a combination of all that I look for […]

The Elusive Past

She gestures, looking around and opening her arms to the world, “I didn’t know everything would change.” Her mind won’t grasp details. If I asked her, she wouldn’t come up with examples.  Out of kindness, I don’t ask. I understand that nothing is as she would have expected. My friend has always been a take-charge […]

For what? For whom?

I have had the same questions for most of my conscious life. What is my purpose? What is my calling? How can I make a difference in the world? Divining my true purpose has always been a struggle.  But some decisions curtail other decisions.  E.g. a decision to have children, at the very least, delays […]

Onward! (kind of)

I was talking with an old schoolmate who I hadn’t seen for years.  I asked her what she loves about her herself and her life.  It’s a way to get to know someone fairly quickly. But conversation often goes the other way, doesn’t it?  What we wish we could do better.  How we would like […]

Crying (or whining) at My Sister’s Wedding

Remember the song by Patti Page?  “I went to your wedding, although I was dreading, the thought of losing you…” My sister is getting married today.  Exciting, but interesting.  It shakes me up a bit.  We are the closest in age in our birth family and we have always had a strangely symbiotic relationship in […]