Gospel Music Sunday

My dad died 10 years ago today. My mom died 20 years ago last month. They both loved me very much. I wouldn’t want them to have lived with the grief of my having a stroke. Although they would’ve been full of knowledgeable suggestions. In fact, mom had a stroke at 75, too. And they […]

Learning about death…

I wonder who comforted my older sister when her husband died. She popped into my mind as I stumbled into the car at 0 light hundred to go to my youngest sister whose husband died a few days ago. I’ve been through more death now.  I have a better idea of what to do.  And […]

A Prayer for this Season (and every season)

There are so many things that I can’t do for my children and grandchildren.  Much of the time I make myself believe otherwise.  Not always. The older brother of my grandson’s friend has taken his own life.  It is devastating. I understand that he had been depressed, but what was so catastrophic?  Was it a […]