Family Reunions

There is something wonderful about a family reunion. Surveying a crowd and recognizing my own gene pool both chastens and rejuvenates me.  It can be a bit off-putting and still carry a familiarity that is comforting. My next-oldest sister loved reunions. From the time we were young parents she tried to get the sisters together […]

Coming Home

I traveled three weeks of the last month,* and I’m so glad to be home. I need time to assimilate and to discover what I brought home with me. Whenever I travel I learn as much about myself as I do about the places I go. To me, the changes in myself and my thinking […]

I know what I need.

My thoughts about Mexico are assembled.  And there is much to do. When I think of what gives me joy in travel, it is always the connections.  In most cases, I have this with my fellow travelers since I rarely travel alone.  And I also love the emotional mini-connections I make on my journeys.  The […]

The people have my heart

I didn’t realize how many preconceived ideas I had.  Right now I can’t tell you what they were.  I only know that traveling in Beijing surprised me.  My last two trips to China were group excursions into the New Territories and Canton from Hong Kong, before the turnover to Chinese rule.  All communication with the […]