My friend thinks that I am against all things American. She has told me this often enough that I have to examine myself. After all, I am American… There are certainly issues in the United States that raise my dander, my sense of responsibility, and my frustration levels. I continue to be disturbed by inequality […]

Judging Myself by Others

It isn’t all bad, you know. It’s a reality check…a way of seeing myself in a mirror of my surroundings. On the phone my son and I were discussing my path in life. I called him to check in with ideas on changing the world and we got sidetracked to our impact on that world […]


Reposted from 2/17/2011 because I had forgotten it until someone searched it out and read it.  NOTE: This is an extremely shallow treatment of a complex subject…just so you realize that I’m aware! My dentist and his assistant were talking about child rearing as they worked. I had been included in the conversation until it […]

Off to See the Wizard

I went to see Oprah for a lot of reasons. I always wanted to go to her show and I was sure that the energy of the O You! seminar in Atlanta would be as good or better.    I admire her as a person, so why not add her to the list of iconic figures […]

I’m glad to be back…I think…maybe…

Dear Granddaughter, Ah, from one birthday to the next, you’ve changed…and it doesn’t all show. It’s wonderful to have you back after an 10 months in a foreign country.  I know you’re safe.  I can look at you, touch you.   I notice your new poise and confidence.  You’re more independent.  These are obvious changes that […]

Mother’s Day

I’m thinking about Osama Bin Laden’s mother. Well, actually, I don’t even know if she’s alive.  It’s the concept. Because for each of us who are celebrating Mother’s day in the arms of our family, receiving gifts, calls, cards and letters;  there is another mother whose child is vilified by the world, or incarcerated, or […]

Education* for a Better Me

I just got a year’s education in 5 days.  My choices may have been skewed and selective, but courtesy of the local independent film festival I immersed myself in documentaries of all shapes, sizes and subjects.  And every film made me think. I must confess…I am not a newshound.  On a day-to-day basis, I intend […]

Is it bad to lurk?

Here’s a shout out for social networking. Okay, so I know the drawbacks…texting and posting instead of meeting and talking; spilling information publicly that might be better kept private, being “outed” in all sorts of ways by friends, family and even yourself. Our lives are being lived in an open forum without really getting the […]

No Matter Where I Go…

I’m still hung up on collectives.  Do they differ from filters?   If ever there is a lesson in being myself and living my life, as I believe best, it should be in examining my own filters and collectives. I have plenty of time to consider this when I am traveling alone.  If I think or […]

Looking at You to See Myself

Gary Zukav’s discussion of collectives in Mind of the Soul is fascinating to me. The idea of collectives makes so much sense.  As humans we group ourselves by the characteristics that are important to us.  We may cling to our own race, our own intellectual, educational, economic or social level.  It may be our neighborhood, […]