Thoughts When She Left…

All feelings are intensified exponentially when we have grandchildren.  We are lifted to unspeakable joy when good things happen to and for them.  We are dropped into an abyss of sorrow and pain when bad things occur.  …And all of the sensations in between?  The same: we experience them fully for ourselves, for our children […]

I know what I need.

My thoughts about Mexico are assembled.  And there is much to do. When I think of what gives me joy in travel, it is always the connections.  In most cases, I have this with my fellow travelers since I rarely travel alone.  And I also love the emotional mini-connections I make on my journeys.  The […]

My Wandering is Finite…My Journey is Endless

My Dad’s wife calls me a globe trekker.  But I don’t want to go everywhere.  And I needn’t return to some of the places I’ve been.  My countries of choice are a bit like my friends…I have selected the ones I like and I really don’t have time or energy for more. It’s not that […]

It makes me cringe!

Valentine’s Day I have just lived through three generations of embarrassment without leaving my chair or saying a word. Last night when I came home from a stroll through the village, the young woman of the house was perched on an upturned garbage basket talking to a young man seated in his car next to […]

Meditation as a Way of Life

Many of  my days here are like a retreat. I wake in the morning to the roosters crowing.  As I lie in the dark cave of my mosquito netting, I go through my mental family album.  I lovingly wrap each one of you in my thoughts, prayers and thanksgiving for the day.  I don’t know […]

I’m here with me.

I haven’t escaped myself.  I turned up yesterday at breakfast. My son once said that if he wanted to exercise self-control, it had to be at the grocery store because it wasn’t going happen when he got home.  I feel his pain. Yesterday morning it was the bolillos; wonderful yeasty rolls with soft centers and […]

I Wonder Why I Wander

What draws me here? Several years ago a friend went to spend time in a commune.  She and I discussed her living conditions when I visited her there, She was able to spend a lot of time in meditation, and she felt energized in body and spirit by challenging herself in her physical surroundings. My […]

My Village

I love the inclusiveness of my small town in Mexico.  When I return I am remembered and instantly accepted again.   This year was no different except that I brought a friend.  Immediately we were a part of celebrations of coming of age and vigils in memory of loss. Our participation in these village customs binds […]

Give me one more chance at the midway….

I hate endings.  I read slowly as I see the remaining pages dwindle in a good book.  I am sad when the credits roll at a compelling movie.  And the curtain coming down leaves me waiting anxiously to see if there is another act…or an encore…or… Parting?  Sweet sorrow?  Who says?  I see nothing sweet […]

El Dia de los Muertos

The Day of the Dead is one of my favorite holidays.  It isn’t a sad time.  It’s a time that warms us in the glow of loved ones remembering loved ones. When I look at my ofrenda on the fireplace mantel, I have no sorrow.  My heart swells with pleasure that I have discovered an […]