Women Paying it Forward

Last Sunday I went to a soulful gathering for my granddaughter. It was unusual because in our culture – lacking a Bat Mitzvah or a Quinceañera – there seems to be no tradition that formally launches a young woman. More importantly there is no occasion on which she is held in the circle of the […]

Gratitude and Joy

Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy.  Meredith Grey But I think it does. My son and I were discussing joy yesterday. How do we put joy in our life? How do we identify what gives us joy? One way, I think, is by presence in a moment of our lives and having gratitude […]

Four More Gifts

Someone asked me a question yesterday that gave me pause: “What did you do when your children brought home a love in their life and you didn’t approve?  I had to stop and think. One time our youngest daughter brought a young man from college who we didn’t think seemed a great choice for her. […]