What I’ve Left Behind

My husband will probably never understand why I travel. And especially why I put myself in tenuous situations and call it a break. I want to give him a shout-out. I meant to do this as I was leaving…but… In case you’ve noticed my absence, I’m in Mexico where the internet is unreliable at best. […]

Acceptance and Change

Dear Nephew, Thank you for sharing your insights with me.  I’m happy for you that you can take responsibility for those things in your life which you have done and still understand that much of what happens in our lives (especially our childhood) is without our input and outside of our control.  It’s very releasing […]

Easy Lifting

My daughter and I have decided to do something each day that feels uplifting.  No matter how heavy the load, busy the day, frustrating the list and overscheduled the calendar, we plan to take time for an emotional, physical or mental treatsie. The first morning or two I lay in bed and tried to think, […]

What’s a Mother to Do? Act II

I’m revisiting that soul searching about my role.  I think this is another lesson in letting go, but how can I be sure? My children and grandchildren are attending funerals of their loved ones this week.  The dear departed are not my loved ones, but they are loved by my loved ones.  And I want […]

Is it bad to lurk?

Here’s a shout out for social networking. Okay, so I know the drawbacks…texting and posting instead of meeting and talking; spilling information publicly that might be better kept private, being “outed” in all sorts of ways by friends, family and even yourself. Our lives are being lived in an open forum without really getting the […]

Here come the judge…

Dear Daughter, I have come to the conclusion that there is no good way to hear anything  (other than a newscast) from anyone else unless it is unqualified approbation, or obvious approval and/or praise. Concern, worry, helpful hints (except when read from a columnist in the newspaper)  become mini-interventions.  Thoughts intended to be enlightening, broadening […]

Growing up with Love

This is a hard one, isn’t it?  Your daughter is 18 and diving headlong into a situation that you can foresee as difficult if not emotionally dangerous.  What’s a father to do?  The perils of dating older men at this age are frightening to contemplate. I don’t know the answers…but I have some thoughts… Your […]

Mother of the Day

Dear Daughter-in-Law, This is a Mother’s Day of rejoicing. I have five daughters: two by fortunate birth and three more by choice.   I am grateful to each of you for mothering my grandchildren. I toast you as precious women whose courage, tenacity and steadfast commitment to raising admirable young people I recognize and appreciate. You […]

The Thrill of it All

The corners of my mouth are involuntarily turned up in a smile.  Excitement is bubbling up in my chest and my steps are light this morning. You called to talk.  You called, you said, just because you could. I know.  This is a weird reaction.  I’m not a poor pitiful mother.  I’m not ignored.  And […]

It makes me cringe!

Valentine’s Day I have just lived through three generations of embarrassment without leaving my chair or saying a word. Last night when I came home from a stroll through the village, the young woman of the house was perched on an upturned garbage basket talking to a young man seated in his car next to […]