Hooray for Christmas! Hooray for family! Hooray for memories!

Dear Family, Your Dad was concerned yesterday when he read my post.  “Why are you so sentimental?  Is there something I should know?” No, I don’t believe I have a fatal disease.  I don’t have a “knowing” of an impending disaster.  But it’s Christmas  and we’ve just had a milestone anniversary.  It is a time […]

Child of Mine

…”Oh yes, sweet darling, so glad you are a child of mine.”  Years ago I heard this Carole King song and have held it close to me with each of you in mind.  When I hear it, I feel sentimental and sometimes I begin humming it unconsciously when I think of you. In the late […]

Pain by Pitiful People

Dear Daughter. You are never too old to need my protection.  If I can give it, I do.  And I know when I can’t. I can’t save you from the lady behind the car rental desk who is so miserable and small-minded that she automatically hates you for who you are.  Her selective deafness and tight lips […]

To My Daughter, the Mother

Dear Daughter, These are interesting times. Remember who you are: as a person and as a mother.  Having been tried and tested  you come up on the plus side. It’s so difficult to hold on to yourself when your children are adolescents.  It can become, at times, like any dysfunctional relationship in which you dodge […]

Missing Her

Dear Children, How can we bear our sadness?  How can we ease the suffering of people we love? Your aunt and uncle are visiting. Your cousin is not. When we travel you rarely travel with us.  You are all adults.   It isn’t unusual for us to visit your aunts and uncles without taking you […]


Dear Daughter. I want to write this BEFORE you hear about your position. For me, who you are and what you are doesn’t depend on what you do for a living.  But since we are speaking of that… Is there nothing you can’t do?  No, there is nothing you can’t do.  So whether or not […]

Thinking about Rape

Rape is headlined in our newspapers this week. RAPE BY A STRANGER on a main street in town…the nightmare of every woman. RAPE OF A 14-YEAR-OLD  at a party…plied with liquor by two older guys…the nightmare of  every parent. Rape pushes every hot button for me.  When I hear the word, adrenalin rushes through my […]

Father’s Day

Dear Kids: Your father is my REAL “father” hero. From the moment you entered the world (or for you, son, within an hour) he was with you all the way.  In the wee hours of the morning he would lift you, crying, from the bassinet and change you, quiet you, and bring you to me […]

…on Making Peace

My Dear Daughter-in-Law, None of this is to make you feel any guilt whatsoever.  Your way of coping with your family situation has been a matter of self preservation and you have done and must do what works for you.  If you need remove yourself in order to be healthy and happy, do it!  However, […]