Getting Real…kinda…

I think I understand the Slough of Despond.* I have cried more in the last month than I have in the last seven months. My feelings are close to the surface. My fear is a jagged edge. It seems ridiculous. I have a prescription for a new physical therapist. He has great expectations for the […]

Holidays…Joy or Disappointment?

“Expectations are only premeditated disappointments.” When do we have more expectations than at holiday times? Overall, this is a good year. I feel abundant joy during the holidays. It emanates from the sights and smells. It vibrates from people I know and love and those I pass on the street. It buoys me up over […]

Disappointment…Thy Name is…

Since I wrote the last blog I have perseverated about the good, the bad, the wrong and the right to be…disappointed.  It constantly butts into that expectation thing and always leads back to that ugly concept of putting expectations on people, especially those we love.  Doesn’t that just sound smarmy and big bad motherly?  I […]

Disappointment by Any Other Name

I resist the concept of disappointment.   It brings back all of those black clouds of being “talked to” as a child and doesn’t feel at all zen-like. I especially dislike the concept of being disappointed in a person.  It feels controlling and somehow usurps that person’s identity.  What right do I have to be so […]