Family Dissension – Without Answers

I sometimes bring this letter forward from my archives because there seem to be a lot of people searching for letters to write to their own children.  Originally post October 5, 2010. Family dissension is an everyday thing; the kind in which someone or everyone disagrees, argues, and in some strange pattern, agrees to disagree.  […]

A Peaceful Year

Dear Family: Is there anything more gratifying than peace within our own family? Perhaps those who have no disagreements, no dissension, no differences in lifestyle or core values within their family, can’t identify. As for me? I am grateful for each morning I wake up to that easy, peaceful feeling. There is a deep sense […]

A Mother’s Wish

I am my co-dependent self today.  Maybe I should go to a meeting and right myself. Because my children are gathering home I am a bundle of undeserved nerves.  What am I worrying about?  Why should I worry about it?  What will my worry solve. Okay, I know all that. But it’s been many years […]

…on dealing with grandchildren in a divorce

(NOTE:  This is one of a series of letters posted under “Form Letters” for those of you who would like an idea or a beginning for a letter of your own.) Dear Son, I’m not sure why you were so upset over me spending time with your ex-wife when I made the transfer with your […]

…on Reaching Toward Family Harmony

NOTE.  This is one of a series of requested letters that will be posted under “Form Letters” for those of you who would like an idea or a template for a letter of your own. “A family in harmony will prosper in everything” Chinese Proverb …and a family at odds radiates pain in widening circles. […]

A Spirit of Goodwill

I am in Illinois to testify at a custody hearing for two of my grandchildren.  It is a grueling process for everyone (including the children, who are not required to participate but who, by some means, always become aware that their world is rocking). Setting aside the troubling necessity to legitimize the relationship, family and […]

…on Making Peace

My Dear Daughter-in-Law, None of this is to make you feel any guilt whatsoever.  Your way of coping with your family situation has been a matter of self preservation and you have done and must do what works for you.  If you need remove yourself in order to be healthy and happy, do it!  However, […]