Your Day is Here!

Congratulations, Years of hard work and you come away with the grand prize –  a degree and a job! Kudos to you! And even though you are focused and dedicated, I know it hasn’t all been easy. You have worked hard and studied hard. You have proven yourself more than worthy of all you have […]

Peace for Veterans…a Wish

Today is Veteran’s Day.* The Great War figured largely in stories told to me in my childhood.  My father’s middle brother ran away at 15 to fight in World War I.  He returned an alcoholic wanderer who dropped in and out of sight until his early death.  He was a bit of a legend and […]

Follow Your Own Dreams

Years ago my granddaughter was what…enamored? in love? in lust?  I just re-discovered this letter I wrote to her. Does it work for you and yours? Dear Granddaughter: Thanks for sharing his letter.  I know that hearing from him means a lot to you. Are you seeing what I’m seeing in his response to you?  […]

My Dream, Your Dream

We all have dreams for our children and grandchildren. Some big.  Some small. Some that even come true. And when they don’t, it’s okay to take a little time to be sad as we say goodbye to what might have been. We can be happy for our kids, and proud of their decisions and 100% […]

Stuff Again. Big Stuff!

I always have trepidation when I leave my comfy life to survive on my own in a strange culture, using a foreign language. Why do I leave my home, my husband, my family and friends? It’s because of how I feel when I get there. What gives me such peace when I settle into my […]

Music Appreciation

I am not a musician. I love music and as a child I wanted to excel at the piano,  but my teacher was strict and I hated to practice.  And didn’t have my sisters’ facility of playing the piano by ear. We didn’t have a guitar, just a ukelele which I strummed atonally as I […]

Rehab for One and All

I haven’t read the books yet, but I sense my discomfort with letting go. My certainties that I can help, that I know at least some of the answers, and that everyone and everything depends on me, are each a hindrance in our new situation.  We are breaking ground in new territory and it’s going […]

Onward! (kind of)

I was talking with an old schoolmate who I hadn’t seen for years.  I asked her what she loves about her herself and her life.  It’s a way to get to know someone fairly quickly. But conversation often goes the other way, doesn’t it?  What we wish we could do better.  How we would like […]

Ask and…

It’s the little things, isn’t it? When my husband said he had read my blog,  I was surprised and secretly thrilled. That night we had a dinner date with friends.  As we were walking toward the restaurant he reached for me.  “Let me hold your hand,” he said. How wonderful is that!  He read it, […]