Repost from April, 2015 Easter holds so many memories for me. But I’ve written about those before… And Easter brings up so many thoughts about faith. But I’ve written about those before, too… Nowadays I resist attending most church services. Maybe it’s the itsy-bitsy shame from my upbringing about being a twice-a-year Christian. (I have […]

Easter Again…

Dear Children and Grandchildren, (and friends), Yesterday I realized the this is Easter Sunday. Such memories! In my life holidays have morphed into unrecognizable days that have little to do with the past. I remember Easters that had great spiritual or familial meaning. I’ve written about some of them. I know people who maintain family […]

Happy (Beginnings) Easter

Greetings change according to what friends I am addressing: Happy Easter, Feliz Pascua, Buona Pasqua.  And my favorite…Kalo Pascha in Greece changes to Christos Anesti, the joyful acknowledgment on Easter Sunday morning that Christ is risen. I have celebrated Easter in many ways and in foreign places – both in my tradition and in the […]

Happy Easter

Easter has been many things for me. The excitement of new patent leather shoes. The fear of oversleeping for sunrise service and thus waking up at 3:00 a.m. to dress in spring clothing inappropriate for standing on a hilltop in April.  (But one MUST wear the Easter finery at a certain age.)  Listening to shivering […]