To Infinity and Beyond…

My son and I were discussing education a few months ago. High school graduations, who was applying where, and whether they had been accepted provided ready conversation as many of our young waited for responses to college applications. Our conversation eventually got around to my short-lived formal education. I don’t remember what the speaker said […]

Follow Your Own Dreams

Years ago my granddaughter was what…enamored? in love? in lust?  I just re-discovered this letter I wrote to her. Does it work for you and yours? Dear Granddaughter: Thanks for sharing his letter.  I know that hearing from him means a lot to you. Are you seeing what I’m seeing in his response to you?  […]

What can I do?

  I’ve written about my annual education before. The Ashland Independent Film Festival screens issues that concern me, intrigue me, inspire me, anger me, delight me. Coming off of five days of films I am cracked open.   So when I caught up on the newspapers and read Leonard Pitts my stomach clutched and my chest […]


My friend thinks that I am against all things American. She has told me this often enough that I have to examine myself. After all, I am American… There are certainly issues in the United States that raise my dander, my sense of responsibility, and my frustration levels. I continue to be disturbed by inequality […]

Follow Me Down the Rabbit Hole

Do you like to laugh? Can you spare a few minutes for the rabbit hole? Have you never watched Kid Snippets*? When my daughter introduced me to this series, I was instantly hooked.  I can watch some of them over and over and laugh each time. What makes a favorite? There has to be a […]

Wishes for the New Year

Did we jump off the Fiscal Cliff as the old year ended? Did we throw our country into more turmoil? I don’t know. Although this is absolutely vital to many people, I’m weary of the political posturings. Beneath the partisanship and self-interest there must be some real concern for our citizens and denizens. It just […]

Education* for a Better Me

I just got a year’s education in 5 days.  My choices may have been skewed and selective, but courtesy of the local independent film festival I immersed myself in documentaries of all shapes, sizes and subjects.  And every film made me think. I must confess…I am not a newshound.  On a day-to-day basis, I intend […]

Our Children

To My Dear Children: A friend got my attention yesterday when she said that parents forget that there are no guarantees of long life. Of course. Although, at a certain age we comprehend our own mortality, we can’t contemplate mortality for our children.  And so we look only to the future. We expect long and […]

Economic Privilege

Dear Kids: I am sitting on the porch of my casa in Mexico.  I wake early and so I have poured my coffee and am doing sudoku with my favorite mechanical pencil. I was just admiring my pencil and thinking how much I love this particular style (I bought two extra to bring to Mexico); […]