The Grandparent Thing

“There were no mirrors in my Nana’s house/no mirrors in my Nana’s house/So the beauty that I saw in everything/the beauty in everything/was in her eyes/like the rising of the sun. I only knew love and I never knew hate.” Ysaye M. Barnwell What was my model for grandparenting? Interesting question! Thinking back to when […]

A Visit with Gratitude

It’s an emotional time but I am through crying. I am still sad about your leave-taking and at the same time I am overcome with gratitude. I am grateful that you are healthy enough to travel. I am grateful that you are able to take the time and resources to visit us. I am grateful […]

Growing Up By Trial and Error

Ah, Dear Children, When I judge someone, it comes back to bite me. Very quickly I will probably do the thing that I was judging, or something similar. This has been especially true with parenting. I’ve had some growing to do. A story… The mid-to-late 1990’s were difficult years for me. My career was all-consuming, […]

The Women I Like

Last night I held a gathering of some of my favorite women.  They are my favorites because I find joy in being with each of them.  They make my life richer and fuller by knowing them.  Every friend represents memories of laughter, or tears or intellectual challenge.  We share habits and happenings.  Some I see […]

Am I really late, or…?

I’ve had an epiphany about an ongoing battle. The battle is between myself and myself and many times it leaves me 5 minutes late. Okay, so I know and cop to the fact that this is can be inconsiderate. I so hate to waste time that I don’t want to spend a single second being […]