Why the Enneagram, Mom?

Dear Family, I know. I’m a broken record. Believe me – I recognize it as part of my personality and I am trying to curb my impulse to evangelize about what I know to be helpful for me. But, since this is my blog and I can write whatever I want, I am choosing to […]

Time for a Change!

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Annie Dillard   Periodically, through my life I have found myself restless and discontented to the point that I pay attention. I do this every few years – Reevaluate my life because I suddenly feel as if I am living by rote. […]

Self-Referencing on a Bad Day

Hi Love, I learned a new phrase for what is an old behavior for me. You called me on it several years ago. Imagine my chagrin when you told me that I turned every conversation around to me. Up until that time, I thought I was establishing rapport. You tell me a story. I tell […]

Chasing the Super Moon

How did I become obsessed with this phenomenon? Perhaps it is my Seven (Enneagram) personality that makes me a self-confessed experience junky. Whatever – how can I miss the full moon perigee closest to the earth since I was six years old. And it won’t be this close again in my lifetime. I’m up for […]

Words of My Father

In promulgating your esoteric cogitations or articulating your superficial sentimentalities and amicable, philosophical or psychological observations, beware of platitudinous ponderosity.  Let  your conversational communications demonstrate a clarified conciseness, a compact comprehensibleness, no coalescent conglomerations of precious garrulity, jejune bafflement and asinine affectations.  Let your extemporaneous verbal evaporations and expatriations have lucidity, intelligibility and veracious vivacity […]

The Year of the Horse galloped away…

According to the Oriental horoscope, 2014 is a year of green wooden Horse; this year is characterized by the Yang energy – a powerfully dynamic energy impulse. Those of you who don’t procrastinate will have a hard time believing that last year on January 31st (Chinese New Year, 2014) I made a notation on my […]