Expectations and Relationships

“What are expectations but premeditated disappointments?” Rod Stryker Let’s go back to expectations, shall we? Is it impossible to live without expectation? If we are really living the in present moment…does that mean we have left expectations behind? It’s a puzzle to me. Frequently I obsess about this since a conversation with my son almost […]


Buddhism’s precepts and concepts come up a lot in my thinking. I listen and learn a lot but it takes real life to bring it home, doesn’t it? Attachment to outcome and its accompanying suffering, for example… I have viewed and reviewed various aspects of attachment and have come up with a workable belief system […]

More on Expectations

Is it impossible to live without expectation? Or if we are really living in the present moment…does it leave expectations behind? Personally, when I think I am living without expectations, it is because my dreams and plans for life are so much a part of me that I don’t recognize them as such. The things […]

Expectations – Acceptance – Gratitude

“What are expectations but premeditated disappointments (resentments)?” (Attributed to many) If you have ever written you will understand the state of my mind when I tried to post on my blog in the last weeks. I have not been devoid of ideas. It’s that I have an idea that I want to write about and […]

Holidays…Joy or Disappointment?

“Expectations are only premeditated disappointments.” When do we have more expectations than at holiday times? Overall, this is a good year. I feel abundant joy during the holidays. It emanates from the sights and smells. It vibrates from people I know and love and those I pass on the street. It buoys me up over […]

What Do I Expect of My Life?

“If you had only five years to live, what would you change? It was a simple box of conversation cards at the coffee shop that once again shifted my attitude. From the 20-year-olds at the table the answers came fairly easily. For the 50-somethings the answers were more serious in keeping with their ages and […]

My Dream, Your Dream

We all have dreams for our children and grandchildren. Some big.  Some small. Some that even come true. And when they don’t, it’s okay to take a little time to be sad as we say goodbye to what might have been. We can be happy for our kids, and proud of their decisions and 100% […]

Off to See the Wizard

I went to see Oprah for a lot of reasons. I always wanted to go to her show and I was sure that the energy of the O You! seminar in Atlanta would be as good or better.    I admire her as a person, so why not add her to the list of iconic figures […]

Disappointment…Thy Name is…

Since I wrote the last blog I have perseverated about the good, the bad, the wrong and the right to be…disappointed.  It constantly butts into that expectation thing and always leads back to that ugly concept of putting expectations on people, especially those we love.  Doesn’t that just sound smarmy and big bad motherly?  I […]

Disappointment by Any Other Name

I resist the concept of disappointment.   It brings back all of those black clouds of being “talked to” as a child and doesn’t feel at all zen-like. I especially dislike the concept of being disappointed in a person.  It feels controlling and somehow usurps that person’s identity.  What right do I have to be so […]