Time’s a Wasting…

I’m hung up on this issue of procrastination. When I count the minutes I truly waste in a day, I drown in self-recrimination. All those minutes would add up to months and years of lost time.  (And I don’t use the term “waste” lightly.  I don’t count gazing at my garden and listening to the […]

Crushed by the Weight of Genetics

Dear Descendants, Yesterday was the 13th anniversary of my mother’s death.  So maybe she was on my mind, or maybe she’s channeling.  (Which way does that go?  Am I channeling? Or do we need someone to channel?)  Anyway, I’m calculating my mother’s age at different periods of her life. She was always…unique! Both Mom and […]

Is it bad to lurk?

Here’s a shout out for social networking. Okay, so I know the drawbacks…texting and posting instead of meeting and talking; spilling information publicly that might be better kept private, being “outed” in all sorts of ways by friends, family and even yourself. Our lives are being lived in an open forum without really getting the […]