El Dia de los Muertos

I’m sitting by the altar this morning in my typical glow of nostalgia. The warmth of the fireplace can’t match what I feel from my memories. My thoughts somehow fill me with joy that transcends the pain of loss. Loved ones live again in a way that coincides with the ancient Aztec belief that their […]

…on joining our family

(NOTE:  This is one of a new series of letters posted under “Form Letters” for those of you who would like an idea or a beginning for a letter of your own.) Dear Daughter-in-Law/Son-in-Law We are so happy that you have joined us. How could we help but love you since our (son/daughter) is so […]

Mother of the Day

Dear Daughter-in-Law, This is a Mother’s Day of rejoicing. I have five daughters: two by fortunate birth and three more by choice.   I am grateful to each of you for mothering my grandchildren. I toast you as precious women whose courage, tenacity and steadfast commitment to raising admirable young people I recognize and appreciate. You […]

Hooray for Christmas! Hooray for family! Hooray for memories!

Dear Family, Your Dad was concerned yesterday when he read my post.  “Why are you so sentimental?  Is there something I should know?” No, I don’t believe I have a fatal disease.  I don’t have a “knowing” of an impending disaster.  But it’s Christmas  and we’ve just had a milestone anniversary.  It is a time […]

The people have my heart

I didn’t realize how many preconceived ideas I had.  Right now I can’t tell you what they were.  I only know that traveling in Beijing surprised me.  My last two trips to China were group excursions into the New Territories and Canton from Hong Kong, before the turnover to Chinese rule.  All communication with the […]

And Then You Fly Away

Your Dad flopped into the chair.  His expression was a mixture of wistfulness and exhaustion, matching the feeling in the pit of my stomach. “They fly in and they fly out”, he said. I don’t want my grown children to live with me.  I am not yearning to raise my grandchildren.  It is nice to have […]

Fade out

Sitting with my son and daughter-in-law I was struck by her glow.   A dark beauty at all times, she shone last night in a tangerine blouse,  dangling hoops and the flush of having just enjoyed a dinner with friends.  As I admired her I was swept to a time fifteen years ago when I […]