The Women I Like

Many people will walk in and out of your life, but only true friends will leave footprints in your heart. Eleanor Roosevelt I have re-published posts before, but I haven’t always added to them. Somehow, though, I felt some invitations were necessary. It’s been many years since I have had my “Women I Like” party.  […]

San Francisco Redux

Fifty-five years ago on Thanksgiving Day, my (now) husband and I announced our engagement.  Fifty-five years ago today we were married. We couldn’t have predicted the future that is now our past. We weren’t old enough, mature enough, or imaginative enough to have understood the profound joy ahead. Nor could we have predicted the setbacks […]

Mother Dearest

Kath, at My Funny Little Life, has awarded me The Liebster Blog.  It is such a sweet thought to be a little blog that is on a list of “favorites” to someone. (Kath told us that in German “Liebster” means dearest, or favorite.)  I hope you visit her because she is one of my favorites, […]

One Bite at a Time

I’ve been working on this stress/food relationship for a couple of years.  Once I identified the close correlation, I began my journey toward mindfulness.  Why am I eating?  What am I solving?  Am I helping myself?  Am I harming myself? Yesterday I traveled to the stress.  Coupled with my own propensity to fast forward, and […]

I’m here with me.

I haven’t escaped myself.  I turned up yesterday at breakfast. My son once said that if he wanted to exercise self-control, it had to be at the grocery store because it wasn’t going happen when he got home.  I feel his pain. Yesterday morning it was the bolillos; wonderful yeasty rolls with soft centers and […]