Did you brush your teeth?

My poor dear children.  Does that question echo in your ears as it does in mine? Sometimes when I am beating myself up as a parent I wonder if you are all marked by my thoughtless words and deeds. Is your self-confidence  stunted forever?  Why didn’t I check before we left the house?  Who knows?  […]


Dear Granddaughter, I am thrilled for you. I’ve known women twice your age who couldn’t handle this situation: To run into your boyfriend, who hooked up with your best friend behind your back, to see them together on your second night home, and to handle it with dignity and grace.  Good on you! Buckets of […]

The Road Back

Dear Granddaughter You are on the way to fully recovering yourself. I know it is still hard for you to have been betrayed.  In a way, betrayal changes your perspective for a long time.  It makes you a little more careful and a bit more prudent; but it needn’t cripple you in relationships. You are […]

…on Making Peace

My Dear Daughter-in-Law, None of this is to make you feel any guilt whatsoever.  Your way of coping with your family situation has been a matter of self preservation and you have done and must do what works for you.  If you need remove yourself in order to be healthy and happy, do it!  However, […]