Just Funnin’

Damn!  I want to be fun. Most of the blogs that I read are meaningful and the ones I love the most are amusing.  The bloggers concisely make their points with humor, packing a heavy punch with a light hand. Damn!  I want to be like that. Yet it seems that no matter what I […]

The Last Shot

Risking your wrath I am begging a favor. Please “untag” the last photo on Facebook. It erases the real you and leaves a blurred version. For you, this photo may hold memories of wonderful times with friends. For me it only causes worry and sadness. I can visualize you: bright eyes, tender mouth and clearly […]

Friends in New York

I am taking a trip with my friend. She isn’t just any friend; she’s a since-freshman-year-in-high-school friend. She brings out the best in me because she is everything I’m not: lighthearted in attitude, carefree in spirit, and open to the world on first instinct.  She finds the ridiculous in life and shares it with me.  […]