Time for a Change!

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” Annie Dillard   Periodically, through my life I have found myself restless and discontented to the point that I pay attention. I do this every few years – Reevaluate my life because I suddenly feel as if I am living by rote. […]

Christmas Changes

Christmas changes every year. Some are barely recognizable as Christmas past. Somewhere along the way we became more interested in giving than getting. We are more captivated by the needs of strangers and less interested what our children and grandchildren might want – they don’t really need anything. And through the stories that filter back […]

Another Giving Year

No one has ever become poor by giving. Anne Frank My Dear Children, Your excellence as parents is evident in many ways. In this season I am thankful that you have raised kind and responsible people. I brag about them a lot and have written before about my grandchildren’s philanthropic interests (here). Just a little […]

The Lucky One

There can be a philosophical difference in how we view our lives and our fortunes. Some see themselves as self-made. I firmly believe that I owe a debt of gratitude for my fortunate birth. And how I acknowledge that debt matters to me. Of course, in order to be where I am today, I have […]

Our Little Candle

One of my best Christmas decisions came, not from peace and goodwill toward men, but through frustration and fatigue. I have nine grandchildren whose needs (and many of their wants) are bountifully met. For many years Christmas buying was an obstacle course of avoiding the respective lists of Santa and their parents in order to […]

Send that Gift…to a Mother Who Needs It!

It’s Mother’s Day. When Anna Jarvis trademarked the name in 1912, it is said that she specifically wanted it to be singular, rather than plural. Her intent was that individual Mothers would be celebrated, not all of the Mothers in the world.* I don’t have the imagination to think of each individual Mother in the […]

There IS a Santa Claus

Since I was old enough to have disagreed with my parents, I have believed. My parents didn’t believe in celebrating a secular Christmas, let alone entertaining stories or myths about a jolly old man who came down the chimney, granting wishes for any and all. It was all deemed pagan. Sigh… All of this didn’t […]

Think Globally, Act Locally!

I’m struggling with this whole “global responsibility” thing. I struggle all year but  bog down during the Holidays.  Sometimes the sense of what I should do exhausts me and I fail to accomplish simple tasks.  I am worn down with preoccupation about children far away from me and don’t make it to the library to […]

An Act of Kindness

My husband and I have a new aspiration: to do an act of kindness for someone each and every day.  It shouldn’t be hard to do…but sadly, it’s a bit hard to remember. I go through many of my days without thought and am certainly not thinking of anyone else. When I do think about […]