Death and Faith and…

My dear Grandson. When I read your post on Facebook, I wished that I could hug you and sit with you and talk and talk.  “No one up there is looking out for us,”  you said. I understand why you are questioning.  It’s hard to reconcile the sad and shocking things in life to faith […]

What Delusions?

I’m not afraid of death. So why was I terrified on that plane? Maybe I’m fooling myself.  And maybe I’m afraid of making a fool of myself.  Or maybe I’m horrified of being afraid and don’t want to die horrified.  Or… I just know that flying home wasn’t my favorite part of the trip.  Anytime […]

I believe in Louise

I have profound faith.  My faith is soft pillow, an impenetrable armor, a protective umbrella, a comforting fire, a refreshing breeze… Naming it is the problem.  My aversion to the connotations of words is a barricade.  God, the universe, the field, the light, Allah, Higher Power?  Isn’t it like trying to come up with a […]