That Day…That Birthday

Dear Grandson, And then there was that day when we remembered you, we talked about you, we wondered when to call, and then we went to bed. And there was the next morning when I sat up in bed – stunned and dismayed. We didn’t call you, our darling grandson, and say, “Happy Birthday”. We […]

…on Leaving Middle School

“My last day of 8th grade feels like my first. I’m just a little more tired, more experienced, and know a little more about trigonometry.”–Seiji Dear Grandson, No big deal, right? Okay, leaving middle school for high school isn’t like REALLY graduating. You are not leaving your friends. You aren’t leaving home. You’ve watched your […]

Gratitude and Joy

Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy.  Meredith Grey But I think it does. My son and I were discussing joy yesterday. How do we put joy in our life? How do we identify what gives us joy? One way, I think, is by presence in a moment of our lives and having gratitude […]

21 Years and Counting

It’s your birthday, dear grandson. You are 21 years old. Incredible! How did it happen so fast? The round-faced sunny boy has transformed. Your handsome face is chiseled. Your strength is visible in your well-formed muscles and your solid presence. One needn’t know your age to recognize that you are a man. I have never […]

…on Having a 21-Year-Old Granddaughter.

I first published this when my first Granddaughter turned 21 in 2009. Now three of my grandchildren have attained this magical age. Ah, how the time files. I am re-publishing this because I have so many requests for Letters to Grandchildren as they grow to adulthood. To my Granddaughter: Twenty-one years ago today my life […]

Hello? Hello?

Dear Grandson. I need an appointment.  This will be no ordinary time together; there will be no one else there, no cell phone, no flickering screen and no loud music. You’re old enough and experienced in presenting yourself; I want an Oprah style interview with the two of us facing each other (without the camera and […]

…on dealing with grandchildren in a divorce

(NOTE:  This is one of a series of letters posted under “Form Letters” for those of you who would like an idea or a beginning for a letter of your own.) Dear Son, I’m not sure why you were so upset over me spending time with your ex-wife when I made the transfer with your […]

I get misty…

Dear Grandchildren, I was picking raspberries this morning with memories of you.  I hear your excited cries at the mention of the garden.  I see sweet stubby fingers reaching for berries, or hands cupped in readiness for me to drop them in.  Your puffy red lips sucked the ripe fruit as quickly as it reached […]

Death is always unexpected

“These are the times that try men’s souls. “* Dear Grandson, In all of your loss in the past months, this is the first that you might have expected.  Yet there is no real preparation for the death of someone we love.   We can understand that death comes to all of us.  We can watch approaching […]

Death and Faith and…

My dear Grandson. When I read your post on Facebook, I wished that I could hug you and sit with you and talk and talk.  “No one up there is looking out for us,”  you said. I understand why you are questioning.  It’s hard to reconcile the sad and shocking things in life to faith […]