And a Happy New Year…

Today marks the end of the holiday season in my culture. Thanksgiving is a month past, so Christmas Day to New Year’s Day covers it. We don’t celebrate Epiphany or El Dia de Los Reyes as my family in Mexico calls it. All of our gifts are given, the celebrating is winding down. I’ve been […]

It is 2015! (Revisited)

Waking up to a New Year is exciting… I can’t remember a first day of a January that did not seem bright with promise. I’m not big on resolutions so I’m not looking to become a new person. But still, the slate looks clean. Anything seems possible. No ill will or troublesome baggage can make […]

My Wish for You in the New Year

You always have my good wishes. Above and beyond all of that, remember that New Year’s Day is just that: a new day in your life. On any day you can make new plans, change your course, turn back and try again. Remember that every hour in your life is precious.* So live with intention […]

Wishes for the New Year

Did we jump off the Fiscal Cliff as the old year ended? Did we throw our country into more turmoil? I don’t know. Although this is absolutely vital to many people, I’m weary of the political posturings. Beneath the partisanship and self-interest there must be some real concern for our citizens and denizens. It just […]