We all want to be that person who stands for right, don’t we. I know I do. I recently attend an community workshop on “Interrupting Hate”. There were lessons to learn and encouragement in facing the rise in visible hate and intolerance in our nation. How should we intervene? When should we take action? What […]


This was a post in 2009 but I think it may be appropriate to reprint in these times. I don’t often use the word.  In fact, I have an aversion to the judgmental quality of it.  After all, when it comes to people, isn’t it arrogant to assume that they should perform to my expectations?  […]

Pain by Pitiful People

Dear Daughter. You are never too old to need my protection.  If I can give it, I do.  And I know when I can’t. I can’t save you from the lady behind the car rental desk who is so miserable and small-minded that she automatically hates you for who you are.  Her selective deafness and tight lips […]