The Heart of a Soldier

To Every Soldier, Because my life has not included personal experience with war, I can’t pretend to comprehend the effects. Still, I am grateful. My gratitude perches precariously upon a constant ache for the men and women who have done battle and whose deepest wounds may not be visible to the world. The physical losses, […]

Life is a Beach

I am looking out at the beach far below.  I see my friend struggling to get her kite into the air. There are five of us here together for my birthday celebration.  A getaway.  A retreat for women who enjoy each other’s company. Of all of us,  I think she enjoys it the most.  She’s […]

A Path to Healing

This is a day of rejoicing in my life.  My friend is having her last chemo treatment as I write.  She has run the gauntlet: showing up for each appointment, putting out her arm and letting poison drain into her body.  She has restricted her diet as advised, taken all medicine when instructed, and kept […]