Holidays…Joy or Disappointment?

“Expectations are only premeditated disappointments.” When do we have more expectations than at holiday times? Overall, this is a good year. I feel abundant joy during the holidays. It emanates from the sights and smells. It vibrates from people I know and love and those I pass on the street. It buoys me up over […]

End of a Tradition

Thirteen years ago we took the first step in a family aspiration that has now been fulfilled. During the Holiday season we have taken each grandchild on a trip as they reached the appointed age . We wrapped ourselves in warm clothes and high expectations and flew across the country to the legendary U. S. […]

Christmas…the Beginning of the End.

The post is an entry to a fun contest on a great blog, Things I Want to Tell my Mom.  Join it!  It’s interesting to dredge up old memories of Christmas.  Just keep it to 100 words or less.   Yearning defines my early memories of my mother and Christmas.  She loved the church traditions […]

Happy Holidays

I am peaceful and filled with gratitude. Within the last month I have seen all of my children and grandchildren (one granddaughter via Skype). For another year we have been blessed with life and health, warmth and shelter, good food, easy communication, eventual understanding and the ability to travel to each other when necessary. What […]

Think Globally, Act Locally!

I’m struggling with this whole “global responsibility” thing. I struggle all year but  bog down during the Holidays.  Sometimes the sense of what I should do exhausts me and I fail to accomplish simple tasks.  I am worn down with preoccupation about children far away from me and don’t make it to the library to […]