Geeks R Us

This is worse than junior high.  I’m packing to spend three nights with people I don’t know.  It’s a road trip to the coast for a few days with a close friend who was invited by a high school friend.  Everyone is bringing someone and the house will be filled with strangers.  I have a […]

Almost a Friend

I met her several years ago.  In consecutive summers we rafted on a wild and scenic river with a group of women.  The trips and the women were memorable.  Between breathtaking rapids were relaxing floats in sunshine and rippling water.  In the evenings there were long talks fueled by tall drinks and a crackling campfire. […]

Watching out for bad Karma

Hi. Two noteworthy occurrences in one day often have a connection.  Hmmm. I was reading a blog a few days ago at This could get ugly and it set my mind on its gerbil wheel.  I believe that we can do the wrong things for the right reasons.  And, of course, we can do the […]