Meditation as a Way of Life

Many of  my days here are like a retreat. I wake in the morning to the roosters crowing.  As I lie in the dark cave of my mosquito netting, I go through my mental family album.  I lovingly wrap each one of you in my thoughts, prayers and thanksgiving for the day.  I don’t know […]

Too Busy to Think

I have spent a lot of my years confining my gerbil mind to its cage.  I trained it to be businesslike, take care of details, watch out for others and make copious lists. It could run in circles, solve problems, dart and dash, but it couldn’t run free. That was normal for me. I’m not […]

Cleanliness is next to… (more whining)

“Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do.” Okay, okay! But, I HATE housework.  Well, maybe not “hate”, but it is low on my ”love” list.  I could be writing, working in my garden, reading, visiting with friends or family, doing sudoku, or any other thing. On the […]