Shame on Me

I’m one of those “Self-Improvement Junkies” from way back. I’m constantly examining my behavior. Perhaps that’s an entirely different post, but I’ve been thinking about shame. Shame gets a bad rap. Sure, for those of us who secretly hug it to our bosom, it damages us and eats away at our self-worth.  But c’mon, folks, […]

My parents did a helluva job…

Did any of you eat dinner with (or instead of) the children in China?  Or the orphans in Korea?  If you’re younger, your plate probably had to be cleaned because of starving people everywhere.  (World news gave us much more insight into the ills of the world.)  Maybe all over the world, right this minute, […]

Is it You…or is it Me?

I already know that if I am irritated with anyone for any behavior any time, I should look to myself for that behaviors worst exhibitions.  Why this is?  Do I feel as if my irritating behaviors have been infringed upon?  Co-opted? Improved upon? Don’t know. I just know it fills me with dread whenever I […]