Music – Joy and Memories

Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the Soul. -Plato Music has been important in my life. My family has chosen it as one of the connections between us during isolation by which we each report a song (by video if possible.) to each other according to the calendar* below. It […]

Leaving Home, Going Home

I make attachments easily. This is why I continue to order my favorite dishes at my favorite restaurants and why  I  pull one of  the same three outfits out of my closet according to where I am going. It is why I return to the same places and people  in the world, again and again. Although […]

Greater Riches

Dear Grandchildren. I want so much for you.  I know that you are all privileged in this world and that physically you want for nothing.  And yet, I still want for you. I want you all to travel.  Not to see the wonders of the world, or to check 1000 places off of your list […]

A “Light” Heart

This morning I am reminded that the universe provides. Several years ago I bought a decor magazine in the Milan airport to entertain me on my long flight home.  I couldn’t understand the descriptions but was mesmerized by a photo of a chandelier placed above a long dining room table.  It was crystals, crystals and […]

I know what I need.

My thoughts about Mexico are assembled.  And there is much to do. When I think of what gives me joy in travel, it is always the connections.  In most cases, I have this with my fellow travelers since I rarely travel alone.  And I also love the emotional mini-connections I make on my journeys.  The […]

My Wandering is Finite…My Journey is Endless

My Dad’s wife calls me a globe trekker.  But I don’t want to go everywhere.  And I needn’t return to some of the places I’ve been.  My countries of choice are a bit like my friends…I have selected the ones I like and I really don’t have time or energy for more. It’s not that […]