The Reality Known as Parents

If you have never been hated by your child you have never been a parent.  ~Bette Davis Unless we are criminally neglectful or abusive or just plain bat-shit crazy, there is really no protection from us as parents.  And even if we are any of those, chances are we are not permanently divided from our […]

Alcohol: Love It, Hate It.

Alcohol is plays a major role in my thoughts of entertaining. My vision of the perfect dinner party is at an outdoor setting:  the view is of vineyards rolling over the hills; the table nestles beneath an arbor, which catches cool breezes and the scent of flowers.  The company is convivial.  Wine glasses are raised […]

Through a glass, darkly…

I’ve been examining my filters.  I have them, of course.  Each of us views life through an individual prism of expectation and experience.  Naturally, I didn’t start thinking about filters because of my own behavior.  It’s much easier to identify in someone else’s.  But now that I am aware of mine… Can I change them?  […]

I’m here with me.

I haven’t escaped myself.  I turned up yesterday at breakfast. My son once said that if he wanted to exercise self-control, it had to be at the grocery store because it wasn’t going happen when he got home.  I feel his pain. Yesterday morning it was the bolillos; wonderful yeasty rolls with soft centers and […]

Geeks R Us

This is worse than junior high.  I’m packing to spend three nights with people I don’t know.  It’s a road trip to the coast for a few days with a close friend who was invited by a high school friend.  Everyone is bringing someone and the house will be filled with strangers.  I have a […]

Get thee behind me!

Without my realizing it, I have been developing a condescending attitude.  It began when I began to remark on the crabbiness of people. I first noticed it in New York as a friend and I were waiting to be admitted to television shows.  We thought this was great fun.  We were the next best to […]

View from the Other Side

I’m an okay person.  After all, I put myself out there most of the time.  I can’t always say I do my best, but I’m not a  slacker. And I am truly tenacious and inventive about ways to connect with people.  I like to think of myself as “out there”. So I am a bit […]

Watching out for bad Karma

Hi. Two noteworthy occurrences in one day often have a connection.  Hmmm. I was reading a blog a few days ago at This could get ugly and it set my mind on its gerbil wheel.  I believe that we can do the wrong things for the right reasons.  And, of course, we can do the […]