Oh, the “B” Street memories…

We were children when we married and our first apartment was, to me, like playing house. We couldn’t believe our luck in finding the second-floor apartment so cheap -$50/mo. Maybe it was furnished even. I know it was ready when we were married on December 20. (In those days there was no moving in together […]

The Beginning of a Beginning

An engagement or betrothal is a promise to wed, and also the period of time between a marriage proposal and a marriage—which may be lengthy or trivial.  Wikipedia Dearest Granddaughter: Hearing about your engagement was a great thrill.  From all of our heart-to-heart talks through the years I know what you want in a relationship. […]

Anniversaries are Not for Sissies!

Is there anything more loaded with expectations than a wedding anniversary? I don’t think so. Marriage is the melding together of hopes, dreams, values, aspirations, traditions and separate years of history forming a new entity. And sometimes the seams are not elastic enough to easily hold this squirming mass in true harmony. This is accentuated […]

Happy Anniversary

Last night as we lay in bed, we reminded each other that today is our wedding anniversary. I was complimenting you on hanging in there for fifty-three years. I added the tagline, “So far!” “You always say that,” you protested. And you’re right. It’s my timeworn joke: we never make the claim that we will […]

Years…and Years…

Dear Husband, I don’t write to you often.  Do you feel as if our children and grandchildren take priority?  I hope not.  It’s just that you have heard everything I have to say. LOL How could we ever have imagined the long path we have followed?  Even were it possible for young people to project […]

Crying (or whining) at My Sister’s Wedding

Remember the song by Patti Page?  “I went to your wedding, although I was dreading, the thought of losing you…” My sister is getting married today.  Exciting, but interesting.  It shakes me up a bit.  We are the closest in age in our birth family and we have always had a strangely symbiotic relationship in […]