My most important role in life has been “Mother”.  I took on the role with some false assumptions and no realistic script. Not even an audition. Getting the part was much simpler than other occupations I later tried. There was no training, no exam, not even routine practice questions. That’s why I call it a […]

A Blessing of Mothers

Reprinted from May 7, 2016 I’m the lucky one. I have had mothering and mentoring from at least four wonderful women. They mutually excelled one another in the gifts they have given me. When I read my past post about  Mother, I feel as if I have said most of it.  I learned to appreciate […]

To Mothers

To all the Mothers who have loved and lost… I am always thinking of  you on Mother’s Day and hoping that you can live in beautiful memories as much as in the depths of sorrow. Because you are still a mother. You are the love that is steady. Your child cannot be estranged and lose […]

…on Being Your Mother

Dear Child of Mine, Life changed in the moment you were born.  My thoughts and feelings swirled around the room.  Like a life force they poured from my heart and head, swooshing about and resting on you as I held you in my arms.   Instantly you were wrapped in a warm blanket of love and […]

My Mother, My Life

Dear Mother. I wish I had understood you better in our years together. I’ve had a lot of time now to come to see you from my own perspective as a mother and as a daughter. A mother who is a bundle of unresolved complexities is never easy. Our culture glorifies that woman who is […]

Send that Gift…to a Mother Who Needs It!

It’s Mother’s Day. When Anna Jarvis trademarked the name in 1912, it is said that she specifically wanted it to be singular, rather than plural. Her intent was that individual Mothers would be celebrated, not all of the Mothers in the world.* I don’t have the imagination to think of each individual Mother in the […]

Our Daughters, Our Sisters

Mother’s Day is approaching. I am one of the lucky mothers. I may not see or speak to every one of my children and grandchildren on this coming Sunday, but as of today, I know that they are safe and well. They have not been stolen. They have not been killed or maimed by accident […]

What do you REALLY think, Mother?

NOTE: For those of you looking for Mother’s Day Letters, just check under form letters or press the tag for “Mother’s Day”. I’ve never quite grasped the true meaning of Mother’s Day.  Although it’s an interesting concept. Is it like Labor Day…but a day off for Mothers? Is it a training ground for young children, […]

…To Mom on Mother’s Day

NOTE.  This is one of a series of requested letters that will be posted under “Form Letters” for those of you who would like an idea or a template for a letter of your own.  Dear Mother, My love for you is a given.  We have that bond between us that we have strengthened through […]

If I could have had anyone…(on Mother’s Day)

…I would have had you. But, of course, you’re too young to be my mother.  And so you are my friend. And you have mothered me, mentored me, loved me and taught me.  I look at you and know that if there is anyone in the world who loves me unconditionally, it is you.  If […]