It is 2015! (Revisited)

Waking up to a New Year is exciting… I can’t remember a first day of a January that did not seem bright with promise. I’m not big on resolutions so I’m not looking to become a new person. But still, the slate looks clean. Anything seems possible. No ill will or troublesome baggage can make […]

My Wish for You in the New Year

You always have my good wishes. Above and beyond all of that, remember that New Year’s Day is just that: a new day in your life. On any day you can make new plans, change your course, turn back and try again. Remember that every hour in your life is precious.* So live with intention […]

I Like Beginnings

NOTE: This is my letter on New Year’s Day, 2012. Time to start adding to it, don’t you think? Dear Family. I’m not feeling sentimental.  I have no wise words for you on this momentous occasion of a new year in our lives.  I’m only grateful. So I’m starting a list for the year.  This […]

Happy New Year

A blast from the past that never seems to change… I’ve never been one for New Year’s resolutions.  Actually, I may be physically, mentally and emotionally incapable of sweeping changes in my life.  Although I’m a “big picture” person, I still need to make all improvements and adjustments to myself in teeny tiny increments. Making […]