Aging and Aching Feet

I don’t bemoan my age much.  I love my life and pretty much like myself, too. However, my feet have let me down. Or maybe I let them down. Because they are out of condition. My shoe envy was at the fore in my spare moments at the O You! conference.  Because the literature had […]

Off to See the Wizard

I went to see Oprah for a lot of reasons. I always wanted to go to her show and I was sure that the energy of the O You! seminar in Atlanta would be as good or better.    I admire her as a person, so why not add her to the list of iconic figures […]

Greatness, or Not.

Comparing myself to others is always treacherous.  When I’m head-to-head with Oprah, it’s a killer. I watched her yesterday on Facebook Live,  and was struck again by her certainty.  She knows her purpose.  She knows her place in life.  And she seems to fulfill her stated purpose with each word that she speaks. I am […]

Time’s a Wasting…

I’m hung up on this issue of procrastination. When I count the minutes I truly waste in a day, I drown in self-recrimination. All those minutes would add up to months and years of lost time.  (And I don’t use the term “waste” lightly.  I don’t count gazing at my garden and listening to the […]

Learning about death…

I wonder who comforted my older sister when her husband died. She popped into my mind as I stumbled into the car at 0 light hundred to go to my youngest sister whose husband died a few days ago. I’ve been through more death now.  I have a better idea of what to do.  And […]

Leader of the Pack

Dear Kids: I read a great blog on (Love) Notes to Self, which reminded me of days when motherhood was my job.  Maybe there were times I should have been fired.  May I wish that I had been mature earlier?  That I had known that how I acted meant more than what I said.  That […]