Me and My Shadow

I normally look on the bright bright side. That’s not to say that I have a sunny disposition – I don’t think anyone would view me that way. I’m too busy peeking around corners to see what’s coming and trying to prepare. But usually I am optimistic. It’s been harder in the last year. Part […]

You know you’re an optimist when…

I have my moments of inertia and incapacitation.  I feel grief.  I mourn.  And then I go on.  I wonder about my reactions sometimes. The difficulty is in choosing a label for my behavior. I answered the questionnaire on but, as usual, the questions didn’t exactly fit. I tried self-analysis. Am I just foolish […]

Am I really late, or…?

I’ve had an epiphany about an ongoing battle. The battle is between myself and myself and many times it leaves me 5 minutes late. Okay, so I know and cop to the fact that this is can be inconsiderate. I so hate to waste time that I don’t want to spend a single second being […]