Tired Angels

The thin, nearly invisible line between helping and hating is easy to cross. It is a tiny step from being “available” to power distancing.  A small dose of burnout transforms chronic pleasing into a habitual resenting. I recognize the slippery slope when I am thinking or saying things like,  “I guess she didn’t even notice […]

I know what I need.

My thoughts about Mexico are assembled.  And there is much to do. When I think of what gives me joy in travel, it is always the connections.  In most cases, I have this with my fellow travelers since I rarely travel alone.  And I also love the emotional mini-connections I make on my journeys.  The […]

When I grow up I’m going to be better.

I hope I will change when I need to change, because I’ve had another wake up call.  I hate realizing what I’m REALLY like. I go to a circuit training class for seniors. It has great entertainment value, which keeps my mind occupied as I do the dreaded exercises.  I face the room from the […]

Get thee behind me!

Without my realizing it, I have been developing a condescending attitude.  It began when I began to remark on the crabbiness of people. I first noticed it in New York as a friend and I were waiting to be admitted to television shows.  We thought this was great fun.  We were the next best to […]

The Kitchen Sink

Fanciful. Philosophical. Waxing poetic. All apply to my yesterday. I spend a lot of time at my kitchen window.  It’s above my sink and so gives me a look at the world outside as I do all of things that are normally done at a kitchen sink.  I have put a lot of time and […]

Wait over there, please.

Easy chairs do not comfort make.   I haven’t found a way to be at ease in a waiting room.  Hospitals preclude comfort for those of us who wait.  My grandniece is having surgery.  As they wheel her away I pat her head, kiss her, and tell her I will be here. I packed for the […]

Welcome home, Grandson

It’s so nice to have you home.   I am glad to see the fine man you are becoming. I love your gentle heart.  I see this crusty exterior that shields an irresistible soft and sweet center.  Have you ever had a chocolate covered cherry?  That’s what I mean.  I believe you feel things very […]