Women in Prison

The last few days I have had my annual wake up call. I saw several films and documentaries that touched my heart, triggered constructive thought and tweaked my conscience. Some felt familiar and some were a call to action. Mothering Inside (click here to see trailer) was a combination of all that I look for […]

Distance to Comprehension

Distancing: to place or keep at a distance <able to distance themselves from the tragedy> (Miriam Webster) I approached San Quentin with my suitcase of preconceived ideas.  I had shored myself up for a trip through an alien land filled with people I wouldn’t recognize, couldn’t identify with, and who certainly would not have impact […]

Between Parent and Child

In the history of my blog, this is the most highly read post.  I don’t know if that is due to the content or the name.  I am bringing it forward for so many of you who are looking for it. Dear Nephew. Thoughts and responses come rushing to me as I read your letter.  […]