Acknowledging and Owning Tragedy

This is written in tribute to 7 recent victims of violence in Baton Rouge, LA, Falcon Heights, MINN*, and Dallas, TX – plus the myriads who die in the world each day by the hands of those living in fear, ignorance, frustration, and hatred. Defensiveness is an interesting stance. We have all stood there – […]

A Tribute to Thought in Parenting

 “It’s never to late to be who you might have been”.  George Eliot My child-rearing days are long past. Even my grandchildren are fast approaching adulthood.  What I did or didn’t think of at the time may now only be approached through thoughtful conversations and exchanges of ideas with you. I read a post this […]

Happy Holidays

I am peaceful and filled with gratitude. Within the last month I have seen all of my children and grandchildren (one granddaughter via Skype). For another year we have been blessed with life and health, warmth and shelter, good food, easy communication, eventual understanding and the ability to travel to each other when necessary. What […]

Economic Privilege

Dear Kids: I am sitting on the porch of my casa in Mexico.  I wake early and so I have poured my coffee and am doing sudoku with my favorite mechanical pencil. I was just admiring my pencil and thinking how much I love this particular style (I bought two extra to bring to Mexico); […]