Taking Care – a Gift to Ourselves

Dear Children, We all talk a lot about taking care of ourselves. There are so many suggestions – hot baths, time to read a book, a camping trip and a fishing pole, a night out with friends. These methods are bandaids, treating the symptoms and ignoring the root causes of exhaustion and overwhelm. They don’t […]

Oh, the places you’ll go….*

Dear Son, That was a strange way for me to respond to your good news, wasn’t it?  I was being kind of silly and it didn’t come out well. Because it sounded as if I subscribe to the belief that who we are is defined by where we live.  And I don’t think I believe […]

Holding on to My Self

Life is such a process, isn’t it? I cruise along.  I am contented, productive, loving… …and I’m gone.  I struggle, I’m useless,  snarky and and powerless. Holding on to my self has been the single hardest struggle in my life. In my twenties I would hear of people going off to “find themselves”.  That was […]

I Wonder Why I Wander

What draws me here? Several years ago a friend went to spend time in a commune.  She and I discussed her living conditions when I visited her there, She was able to spend a lot of time in meditation, and she felt energized in body and spirit by challenging herself in her physical surroundings. My […]

My Self as a Work in Progress

I wanted to stretch myself.  I wanted to step outside of my tiny little comfort zone and bravely join a group of unknown women in a little house on a big ocean.  The thought of it reminded me of movies I’ve seen: strangers thrust upon each other who arrive with problems, prickly personalities and different […]