Give me one more chance at the midway….

I hate endings.  I read slowly as I see the remaining pages dwindle in a good book.  I am sad when the credits roll at a compelling movie.  And the curtain coming down leaves me waiting anxiously to see if there is another act…or an encore…or… Parting?  Sweet sorrow?  Who says?  I see nothing sweet […]

Sometimes friends are not forever.

Dear Granddaughter. I am so sure that you are fine.  Fine as in okay.  Fine as in cool.  Fine as in beautiful. And fine as in a truly good person. If I hadn’t just spent so much time with you I might not be so sure.  But this I know in my heart… You have […]

Here I come.

I have to spot you. It’s Global Positioning on a personal level. No matter how many bad meals and cramped seats in airplanes, hours waiting in airports, traffic on freeways or how much hemorrhaging money and time; I do what I must to have a tactile image of each you in your life. I go […]

And Then You Fly Away

Your Dad flopped into the chair.  His expression was a mixture of wistfulness and exhaustion, matching the feeling in the pit of my stomach. “They fly in and they fly out”, he said. I don’t want my grown children to live with me.  I am not yearning to raise my grandchildren.  It is nice to have […]

Fly away…

To all of my dear travelers, Dad used to say that home felt different to him when I left town.  He could go for days without seeing me…but the fact that I was gone made a difference in his day.  I know now how he felt.  We can Skype, we have Facebook, we have email: […]