I acknowledge the loss…

Republished on what would have been Trayvon’s 24th birthday. …of a young man in Florida. When I read this boy’s name, one among thousands of young black men who have died for the wrong reasons, I am overwhelmed by grief and shame. The grief is for myself and every other parent and grandparent who cannot […]

I Remember Joanie(‘s mother)

I’ve been reading another book by Brenè Brown. The Gifts of Imperfection has encouraged me to examine how I deal with shame. Do you remember the first time you felt real shame? I must have been six or seven, old enough to have comprehended life and death to some degree. Mostly, though, I thought about […]

Shame on Me

I’m one of those “Self-Improvement Junkies” from way back. I’m constantly examining my behavior. Perhaps that’s an entirely different post, but I’ve been thinking about shame. Shame gets a bad rap. Sure, for those of us who secretly hug it to our bosom, it damages us and eats away at our self-worth.  But c’mon, folks, […]