Peace for Veterans…a Wish

Today is Veteran’s Day.* The Great War figured largely in stories told to me in my childhood.  My father’s middle brother ran away at 15 to fight in World War I.  He returned an alcoholic wanderer who dropped in and out of sight until his early death.  He was a bit of a legend and […]

The Heart of a Soldier

To Every Soldier, Because my life has not included personal experience with war, I can’t pretend to comprehend the effects. Still, I am grateful. My gratitude perches precariously upon a constant ache for the men and women who have done battle and whose deepest wounds may not be visible to the world. The physical losses, […]

Our Children at War

The airports are filled with soldiers this time of year.  I furtively watch and imagine their stories. A young woman sits, almost motionless; even her eyes blink slowly.  How hard is it to go home after a year of life and death in a war torn country that can’t be described? Is she dreading the […]