Gratitude and Joy

Maybe gratitude has nothing to do with joy.  Meredith Grey But I think it does. My son and I were discussing joy yesterday. How do we put joy in our life? How do we identify what gives us joy? One way, I think, is by presence in a moment of our lives and having gratitude […]

…on Worrying about Your Children

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength. Corrie Ten Boom Dear Parent, Don’t waste your precious moments with your son. Stop a moment and look at him. Treasure him. Be grateful. It’s difficult growing up in a “successful” family. Everywhere one looks one sees certainty, solidity and pretty […]

Precious Times

I love my children and I treasure one-on-one moments with them. When I have any one of my children alone, it is a gift.  It should be easier to accomplish, I suppose, but life takes over and time slips away.  And would I give up having family times and grandchildren gatherings?  No. And yet, the […]

What’s a Mother to Do? Act II

I’m revisiting that soul searching about my role.  I think this is another lesson in letting go, but how can I be sure? My children and grandchildren are attending funerals of their loved ones this week.  The dear departed are not my loved ones, but they are loved by my loved ones.  And I want […]

Reflections on Control

Gavin de Becker, author of The Gift of Fear sent my head spinning when he appeared on the Oprah Show. He said that if someone doesn’t listen the first time you say “no”, they are trying to control you. Whoa! Why have I never thought of that?  As Oprah added, this applies to everyone from […]

Hooray for Christmas! Hooray for family! Hooray for memories!

Dear Family, Your Dad was concerned yesterday when he read my post.  “Why are you so sentimental?  Is there something I should know?” No, I don’t believe I have a fatal disease.  I don’t have a “knowing” of an impending disaster.  But it’s Christmas  and we’ve just had a milestone anniversary.  It is a time […]

Child of Mine

…”Oh yes, sweet darling, so glad you are a child of mine.”  Years ago I heard this Carole King song and have held it close to me with each of you in mind.  When I hear it, I feel sentimental and sometimes I begin humming it unconsciously when I think of you. In the late […]

The time will come…

Dear Son. I miss you. Oh, I know, I’ve seen you often recently. But I miss you. Our lives are busy and we each have a different focus right now.  Your time and energy is spent with your family, your job and your life.  My time and energy is spent living my own life. I […]

And Then You Fly Away

Your Dad flopped into the chair.  His expression was a mixture of wistfulness and exhaustion, matching the feeling in the pit of my stomach. “They fly in and they fly out”, he said. I don’t want my grown children to live with me.  I am not yearning to raise my grandchildren.  It is nice to have […]

Thinking about Rape

Rape is headlined in our newspapers this week. RAPE BY A STRANGER on a main street in town…the nightmare of every woman. RAPE OF A 14-YEAR-OLD  at a party…plied with liquor by two older guys…the nightmare of  every parent. Rape pushes every hot button for me.  When I hear the word, adrenalin rushes through my […]