As always, my feelings seem intensified on a holiday. My heart is filled with many emotions. A chunk of it feels broken and bruised, holding place for my sister and her family as my nephew struggles for his life. A raw spot chafes from the loss of our friends’ child who died this year. And […]

Living for Peace

Mostly, I have been silent  on the tragedy in Charleston. I haven’t known what to say. I want to stand for what I believe. I speak about  understanding the reality of terrorism. I speak up about the travesty of inequality and the inequities in our system. But I don’t want to be mad at every […]

El Año de los Muertos

I don’t believe that we owe anyone grief to infinity and beyond.  And I also believe that I owe it to myself to move through and beyond my grief, no matter what the cause. And today, on El Día de los Muertos, I acknowledge that some losses are easier to process than others. Already the […]

I bet she was beautiful when she was younger…

This is a familiar line that  I’ve probably said myself.  It’s a recognition of physical attributes that are somehow not translated to the present. And there are a ton of quotes about inner beauty.  Some people, no matter how old they get, never lose their beauty – they merely move it from their faces into […]

Me Me Me Me Me Me Me

Each day I aspire to  some version of enlightenment.  When things fall apart  I’d like be a cross between my father and Pema Chodron… I’ll listen, I’ll pray, and calmly love and support; caring deeply but retaining enough detachment to serve a higher purpose. Yet some days I am astounded by my selfishness.  I am […]

Thoughts When She Left…

All feelings are intensified exponentially when we have grandchildren.  We are lifted to unspeakable joy when good things happen to and for them.  We are dropped into an abyss of sorrow and pain when bad things occur.  …And all of the sensations in between?  The same: we experience them fully for ourselves, for our children […]