Happy (Beginnings) Easter

Greetings change according to what friends I am addressing: Happy Easter, Feliz Pascua, Buona Pasqua.  And my favorite…Kalo Pascha in Greece changes to Christos Anesti, the joyful acknowledgment on Easter Sunday morning that Christ is risen. I have celebrated Easter in many ways and in foreign places – both in my tradition and in the […]

You know you’re an optimist when…

I have my moments of inertia and incapacitation.  I feel grief.  I mourn.  And then I go on.  I wonder about my reactions sometimes. The difficulty is in choosing a label for my behavior. I answered the questionnaire on http://www.optimi.org/test/testopen.htm but, as usual, the questions didn’t exactly fit. I tried self-analysis. Am I just foolish […]