Examining My Strength

What a revelation. I have always considered myself to be very strong.  Physically, yes, but mentally and spiritually, also.  I can do it!  I can take it!  I’ll handle it. A teacher shocked me by questioning the authenticity of this.   Does my strong stance stem more from my desire to be perfect and to […]

Thinking of Amy

The death of Amy Winehouse touched me.  The recent autopsy details don’t make it easier. It isn’t just sensational news. It’s a sorrow that blurs the edges of every day in a  family touched by addiction.  Each newsworthy person…from Charlie Sheen to Lindsay Lohan to the well-known physician in your home town is someone’s aunt, […]

A Family Heritage

Oletha gets some credit. Mostly, I avoid all habits that lead to being like my mother. I don’t want my feet to crackle when I put my socks on.  I hate being caught with a faraway look in the midst of family conversation that swirls unnoticed around me.  I dread the “Oletha” moments when I […]